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February stats are showing that our market has finally tipped into the realm of A BALANCED NORMAL MARKET. Let’s all take a collective sigh together!

While January started off with a lot of silence and worry about the market, February sales and listings began to approach a more Balanced and Normal Market. While inventory is still a little low, new listing activity is reaching seasonal norms, with the bulk of our listing coming in the next 6 months. On all fronts, (single family, condo and townhome) have reached a Balanced market, meaning that 1 in 6/7 homes that are listed, sold in February. While price points vary from sub area to sub area, in general for the Okanagan, single family came down an average of .6% from January, and 14% from a year ago.

In a nutshell, our price points are similar to spring / summer 2021 pricing, mid way through the pandemic.

Good news is that in these last few weeks, Buyers are coming out of hiding, and seem to be coming back to market if your home is priced well.

More good news this week is that the Bank of Canada is holding and not increasing their key lending rate. This gives the market opportunity to reset and establish itself. February showed us a balanced market, where more normal negotiation happened ~ not radically skewed towards either buyers or sellers.

Sellers are adjusting their expectations of what they are comfortable selling for. Buyers are adjusting their expectations, and finding prices they are willing to pay.

This graph shows that prices today are similar to what they were in the Spring/ Summer of 2021- mid pandemic


for full market article … click here

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This is one of the questions we get asked most often!  Both when people are getting their home ready to sell and want to know how to freshen their home up , and when people buy a home and want to make it their own flavour and style!

We are big Benjamin Moore fans and this blog by JUXTA DESIGN & BUILD is one of the best we’ve seen on how to choose a light and bright color that suits you and your home!  Click on the link below to read more …



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Buyers are now entitled to rescind (cancel) a Contract of Purchase and Sale, within a period of 3 business days, after their offer is accepted, even if it is “unconditional”. If they choose to rescind their offer in this scenario, there is a penalty of .25% of the purchase price, payable to the Seller. This penalty does not apply to deals where conditions cannot be removed, and there are some exemptions for homes on leased land.


Prohibition on the Purchase of Residential Property by“Non-Canadians” Act

(CANADA wide)

This means that the Federal government will “prohibit the purchase of residential properties to those who are not Canadian citizens or permanent residents of Canada for a period of 2 years, including corporations that are not incorporated in Canada or are controlled by non-Canadians.


As of Dec 15, 2022, if you resell or “flip” a residential property, either an investment property or your principal residence, any price gain may be deemed to be business income and fully taxable. This rule only applies to gains; individuals cannot report a business loss on a property just because it meets the definition of a flipped property. The Fall Economic Statement 2022 also proposes to extend this rule to gains coming from assignment sales or pre-sale residential construction. So if you hold the rights to a pre-construction residential property and sell those rights for a gain within 12 months, the gain will be deemed to have received business income for tax purposes. Some exclusions may be possible where the property is disposed of due to a qualifying life event (divorce, job transfer, etc.)

  • LONG TERM RENTALS – Bill 44 removes the ability for strata corporations to enforce bylaws that prohibit or restrict long term rentals (1 month or longer). Short term rental bylaws prohibiting AirBnB or VRBO type of uses may still be enforceable however.
  • 55+ AGE RESTRICTION – Only age restrictions of 55+ are enforceable, there can be no other age restrictions
  • ELECTRONIC STRATA MEETINGS are now permitted without the need for a bylaw, no secret ballots at electronic meetings, and persons who attend and are verified in electronic meetings are deemed to be present in person.

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Spring Kichen Update!

With all this newfound time spent at home one of our employees, Brittany and her husband DeBoe decided it was time to give their kitchen an update. They purchased their home in late 2018 and this was one of the last projects to do! The original kitchen had Canadian made oak cabinets that they decided to keep but paint over in white to brighten up the space. They added new hardware to the cabinets to make them look more modern as well. They also found the backsplash to be a little too busy and were planning to take it out and put in subway tile but had found backsplash paint and thought it was worth giving a go! It actually turned out way better than they expected and added some really nice texture.
Well, here are the before and afters! Tell us what you think!
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Kelowna Real Estate Update May 2020

We’re hearing from many of you that you are starting to get a little antsy … ready to hug your grandkids, ready to go eat out, ready to go wander through Home Sense … We hear you! We are also getting continually asked what the market is doing in response to Covid- 19 and the current restrictions in place. Click on the video to hear Shawn’s thoughts!

We’re in this together!
with our love and respect,
Shawn & Reece 
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Friends, it’s been an overwhelming and confusing week with so much information coming at us thru every channel- social media, news, emails, TV.  We want to reach out and touch base with you all.
We all respond to stress very differently, and those distinctions aren’t right or wrong.  I (Reece) respond with my strength of positivity and look for the bright spots and good things.  Shawn responds with his strengths of planning and researching details – seeing the big picture.  This is a wonderful complement! .We’re learning to give each other space to walk in our different strengths, and to process the uncertainty, together …  


HOW WE ARE RESPONDING to Government & Community guidelines: 
First of all- we care for you as people, not just as business transactions.  If there is anything you need in a practical sense – like getting groceries or a phone call- please reach out to us!  We are so happy to help in practical ways!
Due to recent concerns of being in larger shared spaces, we are moving much of our work to our home office –  it’s easy for us to communicate thru email, Skype, FaceTime, WhatsApp etc.  Through technology we are able to virtually show property, facilitate contracts and negotiation, effectively market properties, and network all the parties of a transaction from beginning to end from a virtual set up.  We are continuing to do many Market Appraisals and consultations, take listings, and put deals together.  Tomorrow we are showing a vacant home via Messenger Video to friends across the country. We are meeting with other clients through online video and working through needs, wants, investment analysis, and with other clients writing an offer on a different property…it works!


We understand some Seller’s concerns of having Buyers in their home.  We are asking agents to screen their Buyers and not allow showings to those who are experiencing any flu like symptoms, or those who have travelled out of Country in the 14 day period before showing.
We know you are already washing your hands often and  keeping your homes clean. We are working on having sanitary gloves or sanitizer by your front doors for those viewing your home.   Leaving the doors to rooms open and lights on will minimize touching.  We will flow with what your level of comfort is, as well as walk in wisdom.
We are also increasing our marketing to provide exceptional online exposure, allowing potential buyers to view your home online.


If you are a Buyer, we are comfortable showing potential homes unless you aren’t feeling well, or have travelled in the last 14 days.  We will meet you at the properties vs. all driving in the same car (which is our usual practice!)  We both carry hand sanitizer in our cars which we will use as we enter homes.


We will endeavour to practise social distancing by communicating online or by phone when we can. We are limiting our person to person contact to individuals or couples , and are diligently monitoring our own health and well being.  It’s a great time to practise flexibility and grace with each other!
We will  STOP HUGGING YOU ALL!   We are both huggers, so this has been a big adjustment to keep our distance and just smile and wave.
Balance your input of news and information with things that bring you HOPE, JOY & LOVE.  It’s easy for the scales to tip towards fear and uncertainty, but we each are in charge of what we are watching and reading!
Even if you’re feeling unsettled or shut in, we are happy to have a visit over phone or video call. You’re not alone!  We are a community, and we all get to shine in a hard time by helping and supporting one another.  We are so grateful to live in a country where leaders and professionals are being thoughtful and proactive in their response to this global crisis.  Please remember those who are more affected by the soberness of this Virus and treat them with kindness.  We may be young and healthy, but not everyone is.  And don’t forget our small businesses who are so greatly affected by this.  Support them financially and practically where you can.  Their pockets aren’t as deep as the big box stores and they need us as their community.  Thank you especially to all of you in the front lines of Medical Care – we appreciate you so much!
While we will all make adjustments over the coming months, together we will weather the storm, and look for ways to enjoy the sunshine and the opportunities in front of us.
Again, if there is ANYTHING we can do to help take some worry or stress from your lives in a practical way- please hit reply to our email,
or text Reece at 250-870-1087 or Shawn at 250-870-7771
We’re in this together!
with our love and respect,
Shawn & Reece 
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LIST NOW? OR WAIT TIL SPRING? This is a great question- and one we get asked on a regular basis!

  • The number of homes available to purchase is EXTREMELY low! So listing your house now means it will be noticed!
  • Kelowna has a large number of anxious buyers watching & waiting for a home to purchase
  • Buyers this time of year are serious- and not emotional buyers or “looky-loos”
  • Listing now means you won’t need to do yard work to get your home show ready!
  • Less competition for your home- it will stand out!
  • This January was one of the busiest we’ve seen in years!

  • If you have a pool or a beautiful back yard, waiting till spring to show it off is smart!
  • Know that most people are waiting until spring to list- everyone’s home’s look better in the spring
  • Because there are more listed, your home will have more competition – so it takes more for your house to stand out and be noticed
  • Traditionally we see more buyers ready to take action in the Spring
  • People are happier when the sun comes out !
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With Spring arriving, many of you are thinking that now is the time to make a change and get

your home on the market.

You’re right! This time of year, your home will shine !

Interested in a few tips to get your home “show home ready”?

* FIRST IMPRESSIONS:  Sweep your sidewalk, mow your lawn (yes that!) put a hanging basket at the front door, put fresh bark mulch on your beds .

* DE-CLUTTER:  The more visual space, the better! Pre-pack things that you won’t need for the next few months, tidy out closets, clean out excess junk, magazines,countertops. Too many knick knacks are overwhelming and create visual clutter.

* DE-PERSONALIZE:   Buyers want to imagine their furniture and decor in your home.  Pictures of cute babies and family vacations will distract them from envisioning their furniture and family in your home!

* SPIC N’ SPAN:   Now is the time to clean the windows & carpets! Make sure

your bathrooms are spotless, walls are fingerprint and ding free, and window

coverings fresh and clean.  Hire a window cleaner!  (we know a good one!)

* BEST BANG FOR YOUR BUCK:   One of the cheapest upgrades to your home is a fresh coat of paint!  Stay light & fresh & consistent thruout your home.

* FIX IT! :   Now is the time to take care of all of those annoying little repairs that you’ve learned to live with … people will notice the door knob that’s wiggly, or the broken blinds and dripping tap.  Do it yourself, or pay someone  … you’ll more than re-gain your investment!


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Hardwood flooring creates a stunning look in a home. Not only does it lend certain sophistication to your design, it can also give off a very natural, homey feeling. Sometimes you get lucky and purchase a home that has existing hardwood in beautiful condition. But more often, what you get stuck with is old-school carpeting, prefab fake stuff that flakes or out-of-date tiles.
If you’re considering installing hardwood in your home and are comfortable putting in a little sweat equity, we’ve prepared a cheat sheet to help you through your next home improvement project. Happy flooring!


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What’s all the fuss about the Speculation Tax?  Does it apply to you?  Will it affect you or the sale of your home?

Here’s a helpful visual.  The Speculation Tax has created a lot of conversation-  the government feels that it is a positive step to free up housing in the urban centres of Greater Vancouver,  Kelowna, West Kelowna, Nanaimo, Latzville, Abbotsford, Chilliwack, and the Mission.  The residents of these areas may not feel the same way.   The visual chart will help you understand if and when you might pay this tax.

Client Love


Shawn and Reece have been the most solid, delightful, helpful, hardworking team that we have ever worked with in real estate. When selling our home, these guys were there with clear concise information and valuable opinions that helped us to make an informed decision that we were confident…


Shawn and Reece are a Dream Team to work with. They are so fun and full of life, drive and energy. They worked so hard to find our family the perfect house to renovate in our TOP choice location. Love them!…

CLINTON AND LESLIE SCHNEE & FAMILY Kelowna, BC (previously of Calgary, Alberta)

The level of service you provided our family is unsurpassed in the realty industry. Besides being highly professional and diligent, you went the extra mile to make our family welcome. You have our full gratitude.

PERRY & YVONNE Flooring Canada & School District 23

Shawn had brilliant ideas to lower the stress while coordinating what became a complicated sale – we sold our home and purchased another one. Selling your home is definitely not DIY! Shawn & Reece are an exceptionally capable team with helpful hints, lots of patience and flexibility.  They…


You won’t be disappointed hiring Shawn to sell your property! He will work hard to get the best offer for you and is honest with his feedback. I have listed two very difficult/unique properties with Shawn and the team, and each time he has done an amazing job.


It’s the privilege, pleasure, and honour, of being part of YOUR journey and YOUR story in one of the biggest decisions you’ll ever make! It’s building ongoing friendships and long-lasting relationships that make our lives richer. It’s knowing we’ve helped make a process that is often overwhelming and…


Shawn and Reece give great personal service. They take time to listen to their clients and faithfully follow through with every detail. No effort is too much.

JULIA Photographer

Buying my first home was a really exciting, crazy and fast process . . . I had a great experience and I’m so happy with my new home! Thanks Shawn & Reece for helping me with everything! I couldn’t have asked for a better experience buying my first…


They worked on our house listing with attention to detail & a sense of urgency . We had offers within days and closed quickly with qualified buyers. Buying or selling, we highly recommend Shawn & Reece – a couple you can trust who are part of a very…


Shawn and Reece worked so patiently and cheerfully with me, showing me all the possibilities until finally I had found just the right place. They are an amazing team. They gave me their full attention and took my quest seriously, and at the same time we had a…


Both Shawn and Reece were a delight to work with – we not only bought a property but we also sold one through them. In both instances they were very professional, fair, and thoughtful. We would highly recommend them to others, they are a great team who are…

TIM & DEBBIE GRAUMAN Grizzly Metals—Business Partner

Looking for a new home is challenging. Finding a trustworthy realtor is even more challenging. We were aware that Shawn Worsfold would bring a strong personal commitment to integrity to his company. We were also looking for someone who would really “go to bat” for…


We chose to list our home with Shawn and Reece for a few reasons. A relative of mine listed his home with them and found them very knowledgeable and professional. I also knew Shawn casually for many years but not professionally or socially. My wife and I met…


Yes we are very pleased with what Shawn and Reece did for us.  Shawn went out of his way to enable us to purchase our property in West Kelowna which we are very happy with. I would highly recommend Shawn as an above average…


For us, finding a home, meant finding a place where we would set down some roots and raise our girls. As first time homeowners we were both overwhelmed and excited. Working with Shawn and Reece brought a calm and sense of direction throughout the entire process. Shawn patiently…

DOUG & KAREN Long time friends and repeat clients

In 2016 my husband and I needed a new home that would have room for mom.  Of course we asked our dear friends Shawn and Reece to please help us. We were so satisfied with their past services in both buying and that selling that we knew we…

DEBOE & BRITTANY TRUSS First time home buyers!

Shawn and Reece were awesome to work with! They were very supportive and proactive when we were looking for our house. Not only did they recommend houses within our budget but they also shared their knowledge which helped us make the right decision. We ended up in a…

DAN & CHRISTIE Emil Anderson Contracting

We had a good experience looking at all types of options around Kelowna, over many months, and we changed our preferences a number of times which Shawn and reece were able to accomodate. At times we felt too picky but at the end of the day, we were…

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