Moving to Kelowna? We Can Help!

Relocating can be an exciting, yet daunting experience, whether you’re moving from one neighborhood to another, one city to another, or even from one province or country to somewhere else. Kelowna is a destination for many people at various stages of life, whether you are single and wanting to start fresh, or moving a family. From people starting or buying a business, being transferred here through work, making the step to retirement, or simply wanting to enjoy the Okanagan living experience; there are a lot of dots to connect. This includes questions to ask, knowns and unknowns to discover, things to do, and more! Our goal at the SW Properties Team is to help ease that load, and make the move fun, exciting, and enjoyable, with the least amount of stress.

We Hope To Provide:

A Friendly Face

We love meeting new people, and helping people get connected.  

Knowledge and Insight

When relocating to a new area, it is important to be in contact with a realtor who has a thorough knowledge of the various neighborhoods and areas. They know both the pros and cons, each neighbourhood’s amenities offered, local public and private schools, transit routes, insight on how future developments and roads  could affect use and values, and of course the favorite local gems of each community. There’s a wealth of restaurants, coffee shops, hiking trails, shopping options, and beaches that only a seasoned local knows!


The Worsfold name is both a trusted and awarded name in the Okanagan real estate industry for over 50 years, having sold literally hundreds of homes and properties over the years, and seeing Kelowna grow from a small rural town to a thriving international city in the top of Canada’s most desired places to live. Shawn has an intimate knowledge of the various neighborhoods, developments in and around Kelowna, and can help be a vital bridge for someone looking to move to the area.  


They say it’s not what you know, but who you know. Coming fresh into Kelowna, we can help connect you with trusted people, business owners, contractors, lawyers, mortgage specialists, repairmen, and the resources you need to make your move smooth and easy! We can even tell you where to get your dog groomed, and our favorite super secret coffee spots!


There are many options in Kelowna for living, and navigating through them can be overwhelming. Our goal is to listen first, then help you find the most suitable property for your life, affordability, season, and needs.

Connect the Dots

We will do all we can to streamline and coordinate your moving logistics, from where you are coming from, to your arrival and purchase here in Kelowna.